Privacy Policy of IIMA

At “IMS international Medical Agency”, we consider the appropriate control of personal information in order to safely protect it to be extremely important. We are aware that, as a corporate entity, we have a responsibility to society to protect personal information, and we implement strict control in keeping with the following basic policy.

1.Four principles governing the protection of personal information

(1)The purpose for which personal information may be used is to be explicitly stated.

When personal information is provided, it will be used only for answering inquiries, reporting to the members/donors/collaborators and sending invitations/receipts/thank-you letters.

(2)Personal information will only be used for the stated purpose.

If personal information is used, it will never be used for any purpose beyond the scope that has been explicitly stated.

If use of personal information that exceeds this scope becomes necessary, the person who provided the information will be contacted in advance, and consent will be obtained.

(3)Personal information will never be disclosed or provided to any third party.

Personal information will never be disclosed or provided to a third party, other than in the circumstances noted below:

  • The consent of the person who provided the information has been obtained.
  • The disclosure of personal information has been ordered in accordance with laws or regulations, etc.
  • The business is being continued by another entity as a result of a merger, etc.
  • (4)Safe and appropriate management of personal information will be implemented.

    Personal information will be managed using safe and appropriate means of control. Strict security measures will be implemented in order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, misuse or leakage of the information, in addition to any other problems.

    2.Where to direct inquiries concerning personal information

    Please send inquiry form to confirm the content of personal information in the possession of IIMA. Information will be disclosed only when the identity of the person placing the inquiry is confirmed to be the person who provided the information. If the content of the information has changed, corrections or deletions will be made as appropriate.

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    3.Other items

    (1)IIMA strictly observes all laws and other regulations concerning the handling of personal information.

    (2)Personal information concerning persons younger than 16 years of age should only be provided with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.


    Cookies are stored on customers' computers and are sent between a web server and browser to keep track of sites used by the customer, and data that the customer has input. In some cases, they are used to make it easier for people to view websites, but they do not include information that would identify individual customers.

    (4)Web beacons

    Web beacons are sometimes used in order to tally information about customers' access to our website, based on cookies. However, they do not access customers' personal data. If you prefer, you can set your browser to limit the acquisition of cookies, and to refuse Web beacons.