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Message from Representative Director of IIMA


On this earth, there are a lot of people suffering for sickness who cannot receive any medical treatment at hospitals. As our mission, we would like to support those people and provide happy and healthy life by the point of medicine and nursing care. Our philosophy is, "Loving, And Loved. Calling for medical treatment and health care gratifying to patients." No border exist in our philosophy. Wherever we are needed, we would like to proactively conduct our support.

The activities in this website is just a part. We will appreciate if you could give us a warm understanding, and cooperation to our activities, which are addressed on this website to help as many people in the nations with more smile and health care.

The world is waiting for your participant in IIMA.

Satoshi Watanabe
Representative Director
IMS International Medical Agency (IIMA)

IIMA outline

Date Founded
March 29, 2013
Among the IIMA’s philosophy, "Loving, And Loved Calling for medical treatment and health care gratifying to patients," we would like to support the people which is facing difficulties to receive medical treatment in foreign countries. Furthermore, we would like to do the medical staff exchange between Japan and foreign countries to understand more about the current situation of overseas.
【1 】 Educate and training to the Medical staffs in foreign countries and study for medical personnels from foreign countries 【2 】 Medical support to foreign countries 【3 】 Medical staff exchange between Japan and foreign countries 【4 】 Medical research in foreign countries 【5 】 Other projects to attain this foundation's objectives
Board Members
Councillors : Tetsuya Nakamura, Tetsuo Takeuchi, Toshikazu Manita Directors : Satoshi Watanabe,Youko Kitagami, Masayasu Iguchi, Osamu Yamamoto, Takashi Nagase Representative director : Satoshi Watanabe Auditor : Mitsuhiro Fukuda
Activity Area
Asia, Africa, South America and Other areas in need