IMS International Medical Agency (IIMA), JAPAN

COMPANY | 会社概要

1. Staff/Student Exchange between Japan and other countries


We will invite medical staff from foreign countries to Japan for a few days, and enhance the capacity of both staff through exchange of ideas, study tour to nursing schools and hospitals in Japan. We are planning to have exchanges between hospitals and nursing schools beyond the border.

2. Educate the knowhow to manage medical institutions


Medical institutions must enrich not only hardware but also software to improve their qualities.
Our "IMS Academy" will train the staff from other countries hospital for a few months to learn how to manage their hospitals which have decent facilities but are facing difficulties because of lack of knowledge. We help them to learn the advanced management of hospitals in Japan, and have them improve their hospitals' after they are back to their own countries.
Through this education program in IMS Academy, we will continue to improve the environments surrounding medicine and contribute to raise the medical standards of foreign countries.

3. Various kinds of medical projects


Needs of medicine are limitless in whole world. It is difficult to correspond to all expectations, but still, we will conduct various kinds of medical projects to alleviate the issue which is in the position of high priority in foreign countries.
For instance, we are planning to do medical check-up project using easy-to-use blood testing kit in the areas which doctors does not exist in foreign countries.

4. Promotion and enlighten activities


We seek for promotion and enlightening of medical science to contribute to develop medical industry. For instance, by cooperating with “Asia Association of Medical and Care Facilities”, we had done the activities to develop the medical industry aiming chronic disease such as personal exchange with other countries. We will also make efforts to promote and provide information of highly advanced medicine by cooperating with general incorporated foundation, “Advanced Medicine Promotion Organization (AMPO)”.